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Christmas Trees        


Christmas trees are a must in anyone's Christmas. Here at Brookshire farms when it is the season you can find a lot of different varieties of Christmas trees. We have been providing San Luis Obispo, Atascadero, and Paso Robles with the freshest and the best quality Christmas trees. Every year we make the trip from our home here in San Luis Obispo to our farm in Oregon. When there, we hand select which Christmas trees we want to cut and ship back to San Luis Obispo to be in your home. 


    Grand Fir branches are comparable to the Douglas fir. Grand firs are often chosen because of their unique beauty and sent. They attain their shape early and make wonderful tabletop trees. The needles are blunt and notched on the end with two white bands on the lower surface. If you are looking for a tree with the strongest scent, this would be your choice.

     Grand fir has flat needles that are shiny, dark green on the top and silver on the bottom. The branches appear flattened because of their arrangements on the twigs. Grand firs are cultured annually and will last 3-4 weeks with proper care after being harvested.


    Douglas Firs are busier trees with weaker branches and with not a lot of space between layers. These trees will most likely be the best Christmas trees for a tall triangle shape. The Doug Fir is also the cheapest tree on the lot.

    A Douglas fir tree is an evergreen tree with a pyramid-shaped crown, and blue-green needles ¾ inch to 1 ½ inch long. Its natural pyramid shape is enhanced each year through careful pruning and shearing. After being cut, the average life of a Douglas fir tree is 3-4 weeks. Douglas firs are also Oregon’s State tree.




    Noble Firs is an evergreen tree in the pine family with gray-green needles that often appear sliver the needles are generally twisted upward so that the lower surface of the branch is exposed. The tree has a rounded crown and symmetrical shape. The needles grow to about 1 ½ inch.

    Noble firs are desirable for its spacing between branches, which is easier for ornament hanging. They are also loved for their longevity after being cut. Noble Firs are expected to stay fresh with proper watering for up to 6 weeks. As for any Christmas tree, there is a required annual culturing to enhance the tree’s shape and spacing.




   Nordman (Blue Spruce) is easily mistaken for a Noble Fir since the needles are sharp and lighter green in color. The branches are slightly weaker than a noble fir and have similar spacing characteristics. It has a narrow, pyramidal shape and cone-shaped crown. As trees become older, they often take on a more irregular appearance.

   While Nordman’s grows relatively slowly, it is long-lived and may reach ages of 600-800 years old. Their needles are 1- 1 ½ inch long on the lower branches but somewhat shorter on the upper branches. They are four-sided and have a very sharp point on the end. It is this point that gives the species its name “pungent”, from the Latin word for sharp as in puncture wound. Needles are generally dull bluish-gray to silvery blue and emit a resinous odor when crushed. 



Silver Tip

Silver Tips have very strong branches, which also have large spaces between the layers. Their branches consist of short, strong needles, which are great for holding heavy ornaments. The Silver Tips have the best tips.



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